About Us & Our Sponsors

We are Alyssa, Jim and baby Asher.  We were childhood friends, summer sweethearts and now we are married, wildly in love, and just welcomed our little prince Asher.  For us, TIME is the most valuable of all commodities and we try, whenever possible, to make meaningful time for ourselves and others.  So during a gap year between graduate studies we backpacked through Central America together (see blog); and for our honeymoon we spent 4 months backpacking through India, Nepal and Thailand (see blog).

Now we embark on a new journey together as a family.  We are strapping on our packs once again to harvest this rare and valuable commodity; time.

Fam 04

Alongside my mother, Alyssa and I run a small not-for-profit summer camp supporting families with children who have Autism, so we now the importance of “word of mouth advertising”; we also know the importance of reaching out to companies for sponsorship and donations.  When backpacking with a baby we knew we would need some new gear so we reached out to companies we believed in, for products we researched well.  We were not solicited for embedded advertising, the products we mention are ones that we love and recommend to everyone!

Stokke MyCarrier
We strongly believe in baby wearing not only for bonding but it allows us to continue doing what we love – being outdoors.  The Stokke MyCarrier allows us to carry Asher for hours before our back feels fatigue.  This carrier is small, durable and perfect for a Sunday stroll or some serious hiking.


Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers
Whether at home or on the road, we try to minimize our impact on the environment.  By practicing elimination communication and using cloth diapers we have drastically reduced our ecological footprint – not to mention we have saved a bundle of cash. We have researched dozens of brands and Charlie Banana remains on top.  Asher stays dry and has never had a diaper rash. Laundering is a breeze!


5 thoughts on “About Us & Our Sponsors

  1. As the Old Irish saying goes..May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be always at your back…
    we three are excited to read about your big adventure with baby Asher.


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