Macaw Mountain Parte Dos


5 thoughts on “Macaw Mountain Parte Dos

  1. Dear Asher and family, Merry Christmas!
    I love that the macaws mate for life. I tell Uncle John that he and I are like cardinals — we are always seen together. He’s the handsome red Dad and I’m the modest Mom (ha ha). Finding a mate for life was the happiest time in my life because it made having a child a reality, a journey full of happy twists and turns. Your Mom and Dad are mates for life just like the tropical birds you have been seeing. They love you over the moon and take such wonderful care of you. Twelve years ago we spent Christmas Day at a ruins in Mexico called Palenque. Jaden was 4 and he ran in and out and up and down exploring the ruins — having a blast! We will always remember that special time. Reading about your adventures brings back those sweet memories. Thank you for being born into loving arms and bringing all of us such joy! xoxo


  2. On this day, 23 years ago, Uncle John and I got married. We climbed the snow drifts in Corner Brook, Newfoundland to walk to the courthouse and tie the knot. Seven years later, we had our baby, Jaden and we wondered what we had been doing with our lives before that. Ha ha! We look forward to kissing you and hugging you upon your return, sweet Asher.


  3. Dear Asher,
    WOWWWWW! is all GrandMa can say. This is utterly amazing for your little eyes to see. It is a rainbow of colour and happy connection! Happy Christmas Eve to you Asher and all your bird
    friends. Hugs to everyone.


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