Utila Banda Independiente

Day 28: Utila Banda Independiente

Dear Asher,

Whatever sleep you lost out on yesterday, you made up for today in spades. You had a three and a half hour nap which means we didn’t have our first Utila town stroll until after lunch. We felt like all of the other backpackers crawling out of bed when the sun is high, but you were happy when you woke up, so we wanted to make the most of it and cover some more unchartered ground. We headed toward the Iguana Station but took some new back roads. As luck would have it, we saw some students carrying instruments and followed them to see if a performance was about to take place. The Utila Banda Independiente was practicing for their upcoming competition on the mainland and we got back stage passes to their practice. Although it was more like on-field passes, since they practiced right in the center of their baseball diamond which has never seen a lawn mower. All of the band members were excited to see you especially because many of them recognized you from walking around town. We seem to bump into little Kimberly a lot; on our hostel dock, at Chepes Beach, in backstreet tiendas, on her way to school, and today she spotted us again and came running to see you. You bobbed up and down to the steady bass drums, mimicking the tribal dancers as they swiped and waved their metallic güiros high in the air. The whole band was proud to see us enjoying the music and gladly posed for a group shot. With bananas and sweet bread in tow, we headed home to enjoy another sunset dinner.

3 thoughts on “Utila Banda Independiente

  1. Asher! Keep that smile and dance to the music of your heart., wonderful parents Jim & Allysa have orchestrated the colours of the rainbow in your life each day! Love you.,


  2. Asher I love the picture of your hand on Daddy’s head! You are getting so much bigger. That band looks amazing and the metal instruments are really something. Utila Band – UNITES!
    That is what music does! How lucky for everyone in the band to meet enthusiastic engagers (new word). May you always play to the tune of your own music our sweet Asher.
    Hugs to everyone.


  3. The Merners Wanted to stop by and say hello!!!! We just ran into momma Fran here in rainy Dorchester. Hope all is well with you guys, Your Pictures are amazing! Can’t wait to see you guys in July, or maybe even sooner. Take care of yourselves.
    and Nicolaus


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