Why Not?

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”~ Pablo Picasso

Asher is growing up so fast. He no longer wants to sit on the water in his floatie. He wants to be right in the water. After Asher said hola to everyone on our morning walk, including the Aussies who were returning home from a night of partying, we ate another delicious bowl of oatmeal and jumped in right off the dock. It is too deep to touch off the dock but Alyssa is a pro at treading water while holding Asher so the three of us spent a good hour looking at all of the colorful fish swimming around us.

DSC01826 DSC01827 DSC01822 DSC01821DSC01834DSC01833

After Asher’s afternoon hammock nap, we went for another stroll around town and stumbled upon a psychedelic sanctuary unassumingly right off the main road. We felt like we had crawled through Fred Penner’s log into a new world, leaving the dusty diesel filled road behind. The artist responsible for Jade Seahorse has worked painstakingly to produce a masterpiece of mixed media. Cement sculptures adorned with glass beads, floating octagonal walkways, a coral tunnel, pixie huts, wood carvings laden with computer hard drives, a tiled mosaic dragon with a tree house restaurant. We could not believe we stumbled across this work of art rivaling Peter Camani’s Screaming Heads in time spent and surpassing it in attention to detail. Once when someone asked Peter, “why are you doing all of this?” He quickly replied, “Why not?” Though the artist of Jade Seahorse was not there, I’m sure the response would be the same.

DSC01840 DSC01841 DSC01843 DSC01844 DSC01847 DSC01848 DSC01852 DSC01855 DSC01858 DSC01862 DSC01863

Though making a point, answering with “why not” underrates the impact of the endeavor. Alyssa and I are frequently asked “why?” Why are you vegetarian? Why would you trek for 300km in Himalayan subzero temperatures on your honeymoon? Why do you not have cell phones? Why would you have a home birth?  Because it makes the most sense for our health, the planet, animals and our wallet; when you accomplish a challenge you build character; we do not want to pay for something 100% of the time for something we need 1% of the time; it is where we felt most comfortable. Though we often give a reply, I wonder if “why not” would be better received.

“Why not?” Artists use a form of insightful bravery to challenge the status quo. The artist asks the questions and forces the observer to answer them. As Asher looked around with a natural curiosity, I wondered how we can continue to foster an inquisitive mind; one that asks “why” and then answers “why not?”

We finished the evening with another sunset dinner followed by a sunset dip then watched the stars fill up the sky as the island lights echoed off the sea.

DSC01868 DSC01864

10 thoughts on “Why Not?

  1. Wow guys this is absolutely amazing! Only now I find the posts … I quickly subscribed. What a great adventure. Isn’t it amazing how different you tend to look at things with a child. Keep doing these ‘crazy things’ and Asher will always answer ‘why not’! Growing up out of the box, yay!


    1. Liesbeth, I’m glad you are following along with us! We have a communal kitchen and are staying mostly Vegan! Can’t wait to share more stories with you next summer!!! Give our best to Tjaling and the boys.


  2. It is hard to believe what you stumbled upon. That art is outstanding. There is so much of it. The endless gift that this artist has and keeps giving it back to the world! What an example of, (Why not me! ) Asher must have loved all the colour and little pieces. The hammock is an image I use for slowing down. Just thinking of a hammock makes you envision rest and peace. I can see how special hammocks are on your trip. Thanks for the blog. Keep on swimming and swinging!
    Hugs to you all,


  3. Hey guys this will be a short comment just to see if it works. We have all been leaving family comments but they are not showing up?? 😦

    Team Slee


  4. Ok looks like the post worked. So good to hear everyone is having a blast! Can’t believe that Asher is putting a new meaning to growing up fast! Can you say Doogie Howser, like should we start buying Western University sleepers ?

    Your trip to the artists home must of been a nice site see. You said there was a roof top restaurant did you end up eating there? How did he manage to make all those pieces? I would think that getting some of the materials might be hard to come by and when he does must be expensive. Anyhow thanks for sharing another adventure with us.

    Team Slee


  5. Amazing that you stumbled upon a place of such beauty. Do the locals even talk about it? It must have been tactile heaven for Asher.
    The Gall Crew


    1. Utila is all about diving so most people don’t even know about the place. We are telling everyone. There is a man that sits on the dock next to ours to watch the sunset every night. We got to talking and turns out he is the artist! Very interesting man.


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