Island Colors

Island Colors

We all had a great night sleep so were up early and exploring the farther reaches of Utila. This island is pretty amazing and we will definitely be back in the future but if there is one thing we could change, it would be the number of tuc-tucs, motorcycles and mini-trucks that roar up and down the main road all day long. At 5:30am however, Utila is a ghost town so we enjoyed the beautiful island colors all to ourselves. The pastel homes on stilts are decorated with flowery gardens guarded with fences weathered by salty air. All of the fresh air is working wonders for Asher’s naps and he had a two hour nap before 9am.

DSC01717 DSC01721 DSC01722 DSC01724 DSC01729 DSC01738 DSC01740 DSC01742 DSC01746 DSC01748

For lunch I whipped up a colorful rice stir-fry with onion, carrot, broccoli, a Honduran squash, pineapple, avocado, ginger, cilantro, honey and hot sauce which went down real easy. We are happy to be maintaining our vegetable intake while on the road and keeping regular, since this is one of the best signs of overall health.


We enjoyed another day at Chepes Beach and Asher quickly made friends with Nicole and Ilema, two local girls who took turns holding him in the water. The water is so warm that you could literally lay in it all day and never lower your body temperature enough to get a single goose bump. On our 2km walk back to our room, we stopped off at Skid Row and Rehab Bar, some colorfully iconic establishments on Utila. We took a few great photos but passed on the shot drinking contest to win a free t-shirt. Asher’s new favorite part of the day is having a cold shower after our long walk through town. He screeches, kicks and tenses with happiness when we hold him so the water splashes off his back.


The island continued it’s artistry by painting the sky with familiar colors: orange, mango and coral. We watched the sun set into the horizon then set out to find what was to be the best cinnamon bun we have found in traveling through a dozen or so countries. Usually the bun is dry and doughy, but we savored the moist goodness all the way back to our room. That was the best $0.50 we have ever spent!


6 thoughts on “Island Colors

  1. This is awesome, following your blog everyday. Have the pictures on my screensaver., keeps me close to you all these miles apart! Love reading this each day, Travel safe., love you!


  2. The pictures you are taking are breathtaking! So many out of this world sunsets! I love the flower shots in this blog. Do you know the names of the flowers? Asher looks so happy and he is always making new friends. I am very interested in the recipe for the best ever cinnamon bun. Sounds delicious!
    Hugs to you all.


  3. “Skid Row” and “Rehab Bar” lol sounds like As nice family restaurant and you can win a free t-shirt for the kids sounds like win win.

    Actually when looking at those pictures you almost forget where you are. It could pass for a little lake side village like Port Stanley.

    It was funny because as I was reading about the cinabons we were also all indulging in some. Lastnight we bought a box!! For real so we all laughed when we read that line ours were .50 cents though!

    Love ya
    Team Slee


    1. wow…that is awesome…yeah, many of the islands in the Caribbean have been taken over by Westerners so you get places like that…but there is still the island culture, food, music and sun!


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