Weight on Our Shoulders (Packing List)

Packing ListDSC01462

When one thinks of a weight on one’s shoulders, it is often in the context of one’s burden.  In stress workshops, a knapsack is slowly filled during the duration of the seminar.  Each incremental load does not noticeably increase the burden but the longer the load is carried, the more harm is done.  Such is the reality of modern life.  Mortgage payments, renovations, car repairs, phone bills, hydro bills, job demands, time for family, time for friends, time for health, time for spiritual development, time for community, time for learning and time for leisure.  Modernity has crept upon humanity faster than evolution has allowed for the adaptation of broader shoulders.

For Alyssa and I, travel is a way to exchange the cognitive weight of life for the actual weight of our knapsacks so that we have few economic demands and more time for family, making friends, engaging in community, and more time for our health, for spiritual growth, for learning and for leisure.  Backpacking on a budget allows us time to reflect on our lives so we can evaluate our impact and return home with broader shoulders to better carry the knapsack of life.



Kid Friendly Translation

Sometimes in our lives, we have a lot to do but not enough time.  I have to study for a test, go to baseball practice, finish my homework, practice my spelling, practice my times tables, help with chores, take the dog for a walk, wash the dishes.  Sometimes it can seem like a heavy weight is on our shoulders.  It is important to take time to relax, go for a walk in the woods and to reflect on our goals.


13 thoughts on “Weight on Our Shoulders (Packing List)

  1. good for you for not taking the usual route…baby Asher will grow up in a home where expanding one’s horizons and daring to take a chance is the norm…. lucky boy! I hope you have a wonderful experience.


  2. Fare thee well loves. It looks like you have everything covered. We will be awaiting each post to hear how the adventure unfolds…LOVE, Aunt Martha, Uncle John and Cuz Jaden xoxo


  3. You have planned and prepared for this family trip. Travelling with you all and looking forward to your posts. I can’t look at a back pack in the same way after reading your post. Thanks for giving us precious Asher. He will love seeing the world with his Mom & Dad and in his favourite front pack. Love always, Granny Franny


  4. Sorry to have missed you when you were in Dorchester. I have much to share with you but it will have to wait. I can’t access the autism camp photos and videos so if you get a chance to forward again some time that would be great. In the meantime, have a wonderful start to your journey. We can’t wait to hear all about your experiences. God bless and travel safely. The Gall Crew.


  5. Safe travels. Enjoy your time because it is precious and make everlasting memories. Will be watching for your posts.


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