Our Sponsors

Alongside my mother, Alyssa and I run a small not-for-profit summer camp supporting families with children who have Autism, so we know the importance of “word of mouth advertising.”  We also know the importance of reaching out to companies for sponsorship and donations.  When backpacking with a baby, we knew we would need some new gear so we reached out to companies we believed in, for products we researched well.  We were not solicited for embedded advertising.  The products we mention are ones that we love and recommend to everyone!

Stokke MyCarrier
We strongly believe in baby wearing not only for bonding but it allows us to continue doing what we love – being outdoors.  The Stokke MyCarrier allows us to carry Asher for hours before our back feels fatigue.  This carrier is small, durable and perfect for a Sunday stroll or some serious hiking.


Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers
Whether at home or on the road, we try to minimize our impact on the environment.  By practicing elimination communication and using cloth diapers, we have drastically reduced our ecological footprint – not to mention we have saved a bundle of cash. We have researched dozens of brands and Charlie Banana remains on top.  Asher stays dry and has never had a diaper rash. Laundering is a breeze!


Seattle Sports

We know how important routines are for the developing child and backpacking on a budget is anything but routinized.  It was important to us for Asher to have his evening bath and Seattle Sports makes a collapsible kitchen sink that will do just the trick.  Whether we are trekking La Routa Lenca in Honduras, sitting lakeside in Guatemala or relaxing on the beaches of Belize, Asher will have a familiar evening bath.

photo (2)DSC01557

Wolverine Worldwide
We think that Asher may take his first steps while on the road.  Wolverine Worldwide kindly sponsored us with an adorable pair of all-leather Robeez and a sweet little sandal.


A-Track Music – Dorchester, Ontario
Alyssa and I grew up with music around the house.  Both of our mothers are musicians and we studied music for a combined 20 years.  We have been playing music for Asher since conception and didn’t want to stop while travelling.  Also, a seaside uke session is a great ice breaker for meeting other travellers.  A-Track Music in Dorchester helped us with a new ukulele so we can take the island vibes wherever we go.


Mountain Buggy – Pod Chair
Two months into our trip we realized the Jolly Jumper was not going to cut it for meal time.  Asher, wanted to eat with us at the table and wanted to feed himself.  We did our homework to find the best portable high chair on the market and reached out to Mountain Buggy.  Their Pod Chair is perfect for travel.  It is compact, lightweight and durable.  We were able to take it to restaurants, street vendors and even to the top of Temple I at the Mayan ruin site of Tikal.

2 thoughts on “Our Sponsors

  1. Wow what a wonderful adventure to do .Enjoy your trip can’t wait to share your trip with u and the family .Take your time and enjoy a once in a live time trip u can share for years.


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