Our Journey

We are Alyssa, Jim and baby Asher.  We were childhood friends, summer sweethearts and now we are married, wildly in love, and just welcomed our little prince Asher.  For us, TIME is the most valuable of all commodities and we try, whenever possible, to make meaningful time for ourselves and others.  So during a gap year between graduate studies we backpacked through Central America together (see blog); and for our honeymoon we spent 4 months backpacking through India, Nepal and Thailand (see blog).

Now we embark on a new journey together as a family.  We are strapping on our packs once again to harvest this rare and valuable commodity; time.

2 thoughts on “Our Journey

  1. Jim Alyssa and Asher:

    We hope this adventure is beyond your expectations and that you all stay safe and comfortable. Your poor mothers! With your youth, experience and adventurous spirits, you’ll have a wonderful experience. We will be thinking of you and thank you so much for the opportunity to follow your blog.
    Love Martina and Sid


  2. Hi Jim, Alyssa, and Asher
    Thank you so much for including us in your blog. We are so excited for you! Here is a Metta Meditation that I will give you daily until your return. Once again, Canada will be so well represented by a Slee family!
    May you be safe
    May you be happy
    May you be healthy
    May you be wise.
    And, of course, may you keep writing your blog!
    Remember, too, home is always just a flight away! We will miss you!
    Paula, Hugh, Fuso, Ryann, Georgia


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